Benjamin Lipp

I am a sociologist and STS scholar investigating the interfaces of digital society, especially in the domain of healthcare. I am currently Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. I received my doctorate in 2019 from the Technical University of Munich. Here is an overview of the questions I am currently interested in:

How do people with chronic pain use neuro-technology?

This is the question at the core of my Marie Curie fellowship. I study and compare different groups of users in the U.S. and explore ways to inform a more responsible way of designing and governing neuro-technologies both in the U.S. and Europe.
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How do robots and elderly care interface?

In my doctoral thesis I investigated this question in the context of European innovation politics – looking at policy, research, and innovation practices. From this, I developed an analytics of interfacing to carve out the co-constitution of old age and intelligent machines.
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How to prototype responsible futures in STEM education?

I use STS thinking, speculative design methods, and creative writing as a tool to teach STEM students about the societal impact and the politics of technology. In the past, I have done this in the field of neural engineering.
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How to co-create interfaces between science and society?

An important theme in my research and engagement activities is co-creation and the conditions under which it can succeed. Drawing on insights from STS I seek to help build more responsive and inclusive interfaces between scientific fields and different publics.
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