Benjamin Lipp

Research Projects

I am mainly interested in the manifold interconnections between digital technology and healthcare. I combine studies of policy, research, and innovation practices to look at the different layers of how emerging technology shapes and is shaped by different forms of care. I am specifically interested in re/conceptualising the health/tech interface as a way to understand the contemporary government of technological societies.

Responsible Neuro-Technologies of Pain (REGAIN)

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2021-2024

Chronic pain is a health challenge of enormous proportions. It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people are affected by it worldwide. Recently and especially in the context of an ongoing Opioid Epidemic, people suffering from chronic pain have experimented with and made use of neural stimulation to manage their pain. In this project, I investigate different uses of neuro-technology: clinical, consumer, and DIY. The overarching aim is to develop a framework for the responsible research, design, and governance of neuro-technologies of pain.

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Interfacing RobotCare. On the Techno-Politics of Innovation

PhD project at the Technical University of Munich, 2014-2019

Care robotics has long been an object of both fascination and dread. For some, the prospect of being cared for by machines is a deeply troubling sign of humans alienating from humanity. For others, it is a necessary panacea to ongoing demographic change and global competition. In my doctoral thesis, I took a step back and asked the why it is so plausible at all to think of care and robotics as interconnectable. To answer this question I investigated policy, research, and innovation practices in the European context that aimed to introduce robots into elderly care.

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